We have reached the highest level of assets under management (AUM) to date at $2 billion, due to increasing interest from institutional investors and strong inflows from 21Shares Solana ETP (ticker: ASOL SE). Additionally, the firm’s rapidly expanding team has quadrupled (4x) from 20 to 80 professionals in less than a year to help drive the strategic growth.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to have our business strategy – including our people and product plans – align with market activity to create such unprecedented opportunities. We look forward to continuing to expand and update on our progress over the next few months.”

- Hany Rashwan, Co-Founder and CEO of 21Shares

Recently, ASOL SE reached the key milestone of $100M in AUM since launching as the world’s first and only Solana ETP on the regulated market of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Exchange) on June 30, 2021. ASOL SE has grown faster than any of 21Shares other exchange-traded products (ETPs) according to Bloomberg data. 21Shares successfully tapped into Solana’s potential based on its proof-of-history consensus, incredibly short processing times and lower gas fees.