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ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF
Easy. Regulated. Exposure to bitcoin. ARKBCrypto-native with over half a decade of operational excellence, 21Shares offers crypto ETFs for institutional and retail investors with easy access through your broker. Simple and safe.

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ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF

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Bitcoin Spot ETF

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ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF

Pioneering Digital
Asset Innovation

21Shares has years of experience operating in the unique digital asset market. Using our in-depth expertise, we’re well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities of this expanding ecosystem.

Crypto-Native Expertise

We focus exclusively on crypto – we are specialists in this space. Our team of in-house cross-divisional experts drive product innovation.

Operational Excellence

Having attracted over $1 billion in AUM, 21Shares, through its affiliate 21Shares AG, has developed deep expertise in crypto markets.

Active Investment Strategies

Onchain data models, strategic allocation, and discretionary analysis inform our active strategies—allowing us to flexibly maneuver emerging risks and opportunities

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