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21Shares has made a commitment to become carbon neutral in 2022.

Tonnes of carbon offset since 2019

Our Commitment

At 21Shares, we believe the crypto market should be accessible to everyone and safe for our planet.

We understand the impact of climate change and we have chosen to become fully carbon neutral in 2022. We have created a strategy to offset the carbon footprint for our entire range of current products, and to offset the residual carbon footprint from the time our company was founded.

Together with our business partners, stakeholders, and community, we are building a digital economy that is ethical and environmentally sustainable. In fact, we are working with the Crypto Climate Accord to develop Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards for the global crypto industry. Our goal is to make sure that all blockchains are fully powered by renewable energy in time for the 2025 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP30).

Our Milestones

To become carbon neutral in 2022

Q3 2021


We assess the company’s entire transaction history in order to calculate the carbon emissions from our products. This record includes every type of transaction. Once we have determined our carbon footprint, we calculate the carbon permits we need in order to offset our emissions. Our accredited partner myclimate validates our data and uses high-quality carbon permits to offset our emissions. These carbon offsets support projects that adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) standards. We continue to offset our transactions every year.

Q4 2021


We assess the carbon emissions that stem from our business operations. Once we collect enough data, our partner myclimate calculates and implements effective ways to minimize our carbon footprint. We aim to be completely carbon neutral in 2022.

Q2 2022


We remain carbon neutral by monitoring and reporting our progress. When we build new products, we include them in our calculations and our carbon offsetting program.

Our Methods

We have developed a rigorous strategy to become carbon neutral.

We continually assess the environmental impact of our products and our business operations. Using this data, we use high-quality carbon permits to offset our emissions. We calculate our footprint using the method outlined in section 2.2 of our methodology paper.

Climate Projects

Selected projects from the myclimate portfolio

Land use and forestry

Indigenous Communities Protect Rainforest in Fiji

Learn More

This carbon offset project aims at preventing further deforestation of a globally significant ecosystem. Instead of earning their living by harvesting timber, the local landowners – several Fijian clans – will establish a protected area which generates carbon credits.

  • 18,800
  • 41.2


Stable Power Supply Thanks to Hydropower in Indonesia

Learn More

In Indonesia, a hydroelectric power plant is being renovated and recommissioned, and renewable power fed into the regional power supply system. Through the replacement of diesel-based power, greenhouse gas emissions are lowered.

  • 3,716
  • 44.16


Hydropower Replaces Fossil Fuel in Vietnam

Learn More

This carbon offset project provides renewable energy in one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam. The construction of a mini hydropower plant supplies clean electricity to the national grid. The activity reduces the consumption of energy produced by coal, gas or diesel plants and thus leads to reduced carbon emissions.

  • 3,780
  • 24

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